[elrepo] Where should I go to find kernel issues?

Joshua Kramer joskra42.list at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 12:34:15 EST 2014

So I found out that starting with 3.4 I think, the kernel defaults to using
the intel_pstate driver instead of acpi_pstate.  If using the intel_pstate
driver causes issues (as it did with me), then add this to the kernel boot


After doing this, my copy of the 3.12 kernel now uses the acpi driver, and
things work as they should.

Of course, using acpi has its drawbacks.  Depending on processor
capability, sometimes a longer-running task at low frequency uses more
power than a fast task at a high frequency.  The intel_pstate driver knows
about this and accomodates.  The issue is that intel_pstate does not use
the same governor options as acpi; with intel_pstate, there are only
powersave and performance.

So in this case, the "right" solution for users of EL clones is to go hunt
down the configurations for the cpuspeed daemon and modify it to not try to
set the scaling_governor to something that is not allowed.

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