[elrepo] nvidia driver with EL 7.4 (Xorg 1.19) and multiple monitors

Derek Schrock dereks at lifeofadishwasher.com
Sat Dec 9 18:51:37 EST 2017

Anyone using the elrepo nvidia driver with EL 7.4 (RHEL so far tested)
and newly included Xorg 1.19 with multiple monitors?  Before 7.4 our
experience with multimonitor (2+) support with the default elrepo
install of kmod-nvidia and nvidia-x11-drv for a linear layout (1xN) the
simple xorg.conf (just the device entry) created by the elrepo package
the monitor layout would remain static based off the cabling and not
alternate or change.  Is this expected behavior or have we just been
very lucky with < EL 7.4?

So far with out testing of RHEL 7.4 and 375.66 384.90 and 384.98 is that
once you log out of your GUI session the display layout will rotate,
shift, or change.   Is anyone else able to reproduce this?

If we create an xorg.conf that sets the layout this seems to fix the
issue however we distribute a large number of GUI workstations to remote
locations that might require a different xorg.conf per-location or even

An example of what we're seeing with three displays DFP-4/5/6
At startup: DFP-4, DFP-5, DFP-6 mousing left to right 4, 5, 6
Logout: DFP-5, DFP-4, DFP-6 mousing left to right 5, 4, 6
Logout: DFP-6, DFP-4, DFP-5 mousing left to right 6, 4, 5

I don't see a pattern to it other than it's just changing.

Right now I think it's something with Xorg 1.19 however it could be
something driver plus 1.19 related.   I don't believe it's elrepo
specific but looking for feedback from users that are using 7.4 or if
our previous experience is expected behavior.

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