[elrepo] Issues with 6.4 update

Phil Perry phil at elrepo.org
Wed Feb 27 14:29:37 EST 2013

Hi list,

We'd like to document a couple of issues relating to elrepo usage with 
the recent RHEL 6.4 update.

1. As Jack previously mentioned on this list, the current OpenAFS kmod 
package in elrepo (kmod-openafs-1.6.1-2.el6.elrepo) does not weak link 
against the new 6.4 kernel. Jack rebuilt the kmod against the new 6.4 
kernel (kmod-openafs-1.6.1-5.el6.elrepo) but that package does not in 
turn weak link against earlier kernels.

So users of 6.3 should continue to use the package in the main 
repository (kmod-openafs-1.6.1-2.el6.elrepo). When you are ready to 
update to 6.4, also update kmod-openafs 
(kmod-openafs-1.6.1-5.el6.elrepo) from the elrepo testing repository at 
the same time.

Once all supported vendors have had their 6.4 offerings publicly 
available for some time (say 1 week) we will move the latest 
6.4-compatible version from testing to the main repository.

We added a requires for the 6.4 kernel to the latest OpenAFS kmod 
package so users still at 6.3 won't be able to accidentally upgrade - 
the rpm/yum transaction will fail if the 6.4 kernel is not available.

2. Red Hat updated the wireless stack in RHEL 6.4, backporting from the 
upstream 3.5 kernel. As part of this backport rt2800pci and rt2800usb 
drivers have been added to support various USB and PCI/PCI-Express 
adapters with Ralink wireless LAN chipsets.

Consequently, because these devices are now supported in the 6.4 kernel, 
their firmwares have been added to the 6.4 kernel-firmware package. As a 
result, there now exists a file level conflict between the 
kernel-firmware package and the rt2860-firmware and rt2870-firmware 
packages from elrepo, both providing the same file(s).

Users of these devices are advised to uninstall the elrepo drivers and 
firmware for these devices and revert to the kernel drivers now these 
devices are supported by the distro.

If you come across further issues related to 6.4 please feel free to 
report them in this thread or at http://http://elrepo.org/bugs

Thank you,


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